Jailbreak the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s and more functionality

iphone 6 jailbreak
iPhone 6 Jailbreak

Historically the iPhone has lead a long and winding path when it comes to jailbreaks.  Apple are famously hardcore when it comes to locking down their devices and operating systems so it came as no surprise that the hacking community have kept up with each new iteration of phone and software.

So here we are now in 2016 and once again the methods to jailbreak a iPhone 6 or 6s have been released.  Sure there is still some risk to the process but thankfully its now quite minimal.  The only real risk comes from you installing apps that you maybe should not trust.

With that in mind lets look at some of the advantages of jailbreaking the iPhone 6 (or even5 if you are the retro type).

Top Iphone 6 Jailbreak benefits

Firstly the lock screen.  On a standard device this is pretty plain and there’s very little you can do about it.  A jailbroken phone can replace this with anything you want such as notifications or clocks.  A good example is Convergence which turns your lock screen into multiple screens that can each display different information as you swipe through them.  Pretty neat.

Secondly there’s Banned Apps.  There are many apps that get banned from the Apple store for various reasons.  Some of course due to malware and other such hidden nasties but others due to licensing or legal problems.  The big ones here are game and console emulators.  Typically all these have no license to run some of their code so can not be included on the official store.  They do however find their way to the Cydia store where you can download them to your jailbroken device.  This is not limited to retro gaming enthusiasts either there are a lot of games that get banned as they are clones of popular games – and in some cases even better!  A final word of warning with banned apps is be careful where you download them from, the Cydia store is your safest bet.

Third, you gain the ability to set default apps such as a different web browser much as you would in android.

The fourth reason is interesting as it turns out your phone can be better protected from theft or loss once it is jailbroken.  While Find My iPhone is certainly a great feature it has some holes and draw backs.  A much better alternative on a jailbroken device is iCaughtU.  This builds on the locating the device features and adds ability to take photos from the front facing camera and much more.  You can also set this up so that if someone tries to unlock with your pin a photo of them is taken. Anti theft on steroids!

There are more, such as the ability to Adjust UI Elements and create shortcuts, you can use Flex 2 to customize your jailbreak setup easily and safely.

Click Here to go to the Downloads

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How to unlock level 36 in Candy Crush without paying or asking Facebook friends for help

how to get a free ticket for level 36 of Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

Once you complete level 35 of Candy Crush Saga you are stuck again needing help from you Fcaebook friends or having to bug gold to get to level 36.

If you are playing the game on a mobile device then getting around this couldn’t be easier.

To unlock level 36 of Candy Crush saga on any mobile device (Android,iOS,Windows etc) you first need to disable your devices WIFI connection.  Now when you launch the Candy Crush Saga app you will get a third option to launch the mystery quests.  Complete all three mystery quests and you will receive a ticket to level 36 completely free!

All well and good for mobile players.

However, Facebook players don’t have this luxury.  Disable the PC’s internet connection and the game doesn’t load.

Luckily unlocking level 36 of Candy Crush Saga on Facebook is a simple case of cookie editing. 

Instructions on how to edit your cookies to unlock level 36 can be found here or you can use the ready made patch tool here.



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CSR Racing Hack (All Platforms)

CSR Racing HackThis CSR Racing Hack can be used to get massive amount of money very quickly that you can then spend on whatever takes your fancy!

CSR Racing is one of the more popular online racing games due to the wide array of addons and customizations available in the game (for a price).  There are some cars though that remain out of the reach for even the more frugal of players.  One of the more expensive cars available the Audi R8 LMS ultra CSR and you will need to save your won cash for a very long time before you can affort to buy it.  This is where CSR Racing has been criticised for its in game app purchases or micro purchase system.  The game does seem to tease the player with items and upgrades that they can never hope to have without actually spending some real world money.

This is no longer a problem!

The CSR Racing hack instantly gives you a huge amount of money to spend as soon as it is transferred to the game and as long as you spend wisely there is zero chance of this being detected.

Click Here to Download

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Modern Warfare (MW3) Aimbot and 9999 XP lobby hack – XBOX360 and PS3 releases

Here is the first MW3 Aimbot release to come from the developer forums. As you can see from the video this is still in very early beta stages so this will be a public release for now until any problems are fixed.

mw3 aimbotFor the XBOX 360 this is a SVG/Overflow hack so simply a case of transferring the downloaded SVG (Save Game) hack file to your console to activate the cheat. PS3 aimbot is still in development as it is very difficult to access the game code with it requiring FW 3.72. Some developers now have the PS3 True Blue dongle in hand so hopefully the PS3 release will be soon.

Update: PS3 version has gone public here

As for this version, all credit must go to forum member C0d3D34TH for the submission.

Heres what he has to say about the release

working today for you is my aimbot for mw3!!!! First be sure that this is BETA release. There are still problems with tracking and while its set to go for headshots at this time it is not 100% successful at this. So many body shots still but maybe that better for no detection im not sure. Try it out and see how it works for you post back please!  Please not asking on this thread how to install aimbot for ps3 only beta here -C0d3D34TH

Download the latest version HERE


How to host a modified lobby in MW3 (9999 XP Rank Boosting)

Use a hacked/modded lobby to rank up fast on Modern Warfare 3.  All player receive 9999 XP per kill!

This is done through a SVG mod that at this time is still quite simple with the correct tools.

mw3 lobby mod xpForum member Krazer has uploaded a pdf tutorial on how to set up and start your own modified lobby with 9999 XP kills so that you can boost your rank to prestige quickly.

This guide applies to both XBOX 360 and PS3 versions of the game with some small differences between the different platforms.
Open the PDF file and click on your appropriate console to download the needed tools for the patching step.

Download  Tutorial HERE


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Real Racing 3 Unlimited Money Hack

Real racing 3 Unlimited Money HackUnlimited Gold/Money – Get any car in Real racing 3 with this unlimited money hack.

Two versions have been released one for Android based devices and the other for the iOS side of things. Install instructions are slightly different for each version so you should see the readme.txt file included for instructions specific to your device. Both versions do not require a jailbreak or root to be used though which is great for many players. You just need to install the app from the store as prompted in the readme and copy the files across from a memory card or computer.

To download the Android version click here

To download the iOS version click here


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The Simpsons – Tapped Out Cheats (Unlimited donuts hack)

The Simpsons tapped out hack

Want unlimited donuts for The Simpsons Tapped out?

Thought you might!  This is a cheat that just started circulating the forums.  For the time being this cheat is still working and we think undetected.  Its quite nice from a technical perspective as well as this works across all platforms from pc, through mobile devices on android, iphone, ipad and windows phone.  Breaking down how the hack works on The Simpsons Tapped out reveals that it causes the game to visit a malformed web url.  This causes the game to glitch and part of the memory is overwritten.  Much like a buffer overflow.  That means next update for this game will patch this bug so get in now before it stops working.

In simple terms the hack tool patches the games donut counter to its maximum value.  Ok so this isn’t quite unlimited like this posts title says but its as near as you will ever need to get.  Besides that if you do run out of donuts you just run it again.  Remember, this will likely stop working the next time the game receives an update.

Download the hack here

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Stickman Creative Killer ad remover (better than adblock!)

stickman creative killer remove adsThe great thing about the open nature of the Google Play ecosystem is it’s openness to any developer to release a game or app.  This means you have the whole spectrum there to download from the downright awful to the totally addicting.  Sometimes a game pops up that falls into both categories though and Stickman Creative Killer is one of those.  The concept and playability of this game are excellent and it deserves to be a big hit for originality alone.  However there is a major problem with this game.  That is the amount of ad’s that it throws at the user.  We have all got used to clicking a close box from time to time between levels.  The developers of this Stickman release have gone a step further and have annoying close box ads pop up while you are playing the game.  Invariably in your frustration to close the box you will accidental hit the ad itself and then you are sent somewhere else, ruining your game.

So as a salute to game developers who go over the top with the in-game monetization here is our Stickman Creative Killer ad remover.  This comprises of two parts.  A Windows application that you must run before connecting your Android device by USB to the PC and a second patch list file that can be used with the Windows application.  Simple as that.  Say goodbye to in game ads.

Download it here

A further note that this is not just limited to this game.  So whether you are trying to rescue your kidnapped Stickman friend or still pairing up those candies give this little application a go at removing the ads for you.  The ad remover works with a few of the popular monetization frameworks used so load it and see if there is a patch available.  Also do check the readme.txt for where to get updated patches from.


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League of Legends Guides and hacks

League of Legends GuideThe Supplemental League of Legends guide is written and designed to assist all players from beginner level to intermediate players.  Contained in this eBook package you will get the most recent and accurate information about Season 4 changes and Preseason game play.

A lot of this information is already out there on the internet free to all but the benefits from having the most reliable and up to date information all in one handy eBook are huge.  No more searching for that forum post or youtube video for information just open the eBook and go to the section or simply do a search.  You will be taken straight to the information you need in seconds.

For beginners the eBook covers all the basics of play along with methods for improving your gameplay.  All the rules are explained so there will no danger of you getting unexpectedly banned from the game permanently.

For more intermediate to advanced players theres a whole host of true insider knowledge from some of the top players.  They offer solid suggestions on how you can advance in the game and rise uo through the ranks.  An interesting secion here looks at how the most obvious ways of playing League of Legends are not always the most successful.  Sometimes you need to learn how to think “out of the box” as it were and there are some great examples of this given.

This is a free book but they do require that you fill out a small survey first.  Luckily this only takes a minute at the most.  Once you download the eBook you will soon begin to notice the benefits.

Click here to download the free eBook

Table of Contents

  1. League of Legends Introduction
  2. League of Legends Players Qualify for P-1 U.S. Passports
  3. What’s New for 2014
  4. Team Builder
  5. Magma Chamber
  6. Changes to Champions, Items, Towers and Baron
  7. Elise
  8. Twisted Fate
  9. Magic Resistance
  10. Freljord is Coming
  11. From the Beginning
  12. Create a Summoner
  13. Learn Before You Lunge
  14. Choosing a Champion
  15. Champion Roles
  16. Special Note about Season 4 Role Changes
  17. Understanding Game Modes
  18. Items
  19. Runes
  20. Spells
  21. Masteries
  22. Sharpen Your Playing Skills
  23. Known Glitches
  24. Locked Camera Glitch – November 2013
  25. Gragas Not Currently Available
  26. Blocking Chat of Toxic Teammates
  27. Tips from Top Players
  28. Let’s Talk ELO
  29. Beware – Approach with Caution!
  30. Three Reasons Not to Use Cheats and Hacks
  31. Cheats, Hacks and Gifts from Gluttons
  32. Magical Transformation Gains Huge Riot Points – Free!
  33. Codes and Rules

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Flappy Bird APK Download and Install

Flappy Bird apkAs crazy annoying as Flappy Bird is its nothing to the decision of the developer to pull the game and make it no longer available.  Im not going to tell you how to play the game here if you cant work that out for yourself theres something seriouslt wrong.  So here it is another flappy bird download mirror.  Obviously this requires Android minimum 2.2.

Flappy Bird 1.3 APK


That out of the way, The Flappy Bird app has a more interesting back story than most other mobile games out there.  Its a simple side scrolling affair with flat 2D graphics that remind you of another classic game (more on that later).  The object of the game is fly your flappy bird through the scrolling scenery and obstacles.  What this actually means is tapping the screen repeatedly..and that’s it.  Tap the screen the bird flaps its wings.  Don’t tap and it plummets to its death and your dead game over…no more lives.  All this while the screen scrolls new objects for you to get over, through or under.  An incredibly difficult game that will have most people giving up before they have even scored a single point.

Sounds like your usual app store junk game that gets quickly deleted doesn’t it?  Well for some reason, mostly the  unpredictability of social networks, this simple free game hit the top of the charts across the globe.  In the process netting the developer Dong Nguyen a reported $50,000 a day from the in-game advertising.

Once the story of how much money this game was making broke the ‘internet’ turned on the developer.  Why is such a rubbish game making so much money everyone cried.  Then people started to point out that the madly infuriating scenery looked to be ripped straight from Super Mario Bos.  This prompted rumors that Nintendo were going to somehow sue the Vietnam based developer.

It has also been claimed that Dong Nguyen used bots or other autopmated software to get Flappy Birds to the top of the charts and then viral.  Whatever the trues the games gone from the store now so if you download then please drop a mirror link in the comments.  No games should ever die…should they?  

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Dragonvale Hack

Dragonvale Hack | No Jailbreak

Dragon Vale Hacks

Dragonvale on the various iOS devices has recently seen a few hacks become available to download.  Most notably was the original Dragonvale hack 1.2.exe which was patched after all the publicity.  This meant a new way was needed to provide Dragonvale with free money or free gems without jailbreak being needed.

The answer came with a new twist on an old MITM type network hack.  By routing the internet traffic of Dragonvale through a PC a form of injection can be used to get many Dragonvale cheats working.


  • Download Dragonvale Hacker x3
  • Make sure device is connected to network and start Dragonvale
  • Run the Dragonvale hack tool
  • Click Money hack to add coins and follow on screen prompts
  • Click Gems Hack to get free Dragonvale Gems
  • Click Purchase block to get 0 charges on store items
  • Click Go to Activate and then check your game.

Working on most devices with a few tweaks to your firewall settings. See Help file.

Download Here

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